Little River

Per FGS Bulletin 66:

Type: Spring
County: Suwannee
Lat/Long: 29 59 48.71054 82 57 58.74329
The Little River Spring pool measures 108 ft (32.9 m) north to south and 93 ft (28.3 m) east to west. The depth over the vent is 11.0 ft (3.3 m). Limestone is exposed in the pool, and there are areas covered by sand. Spring water issues from an elongated fracture in the limestone. The water is clear and greenish blue. Algae cover approximately half the area in the spring and run, and frequent swimming probably keeps the other half cleared. There is a sizeable boil over the vent near the center of the spring pool. The spring discharge flows through a 150 ft (45.7 m) long run southwesterly into the Suwannee River from the east. Steep, sandy banks rise to approximately 18 ft (5.5 m) above the spring, and the land becomes flat on top. A boardwalk leads from a dirt parking area on the northeast side down onto the exposed sandy shores near the spring. Land surrounding the spring is generally forested. An extensive cave system exists below this spring. Cave divers report that the cave system reaches depths of well over 100 ft (30.5 m).

Bill’s Description:

High flow. Because of depth, Nitrox is recommended. All tunnels have their own personality and are worth the time. One of the premier caves around here due to beauty, water clarity and variation of the tunnels.

 SpringPhoto - Little River (Medium)