Per FGS Bulletin 66:

Type: Spring
County: Suwannee
Lat/Long: 30 06 19.01995 83 06 49.70999
Cow Spring has an oval shaped pool 66 ft (20.1 m) long and 18 ft (5.5 m) wide. The circular vent is in the center of the spring pool and is approximately 25 ft (7.6 m) deep. The pool bottom is limestone with aquatic vegetation and a small amount of algae. There is no boil present on the blue-green water surface. The spring is currently flooded by the Suwannee River, however a discernible dry spring run bed leads 0.1 miles (0.2 km) southwest to the Suwannee River. The run has abundant vegetation including shrubs and small trees growing in its dry bed. The northwest, northeast and southeast banks of the pool have exposed limestone extending up to 6 ft (1.8 m) above the water surface. The southwest side of the pool slopes gently up into the surrounding woodlands. The spring is owned by the National Speleological Society and has an extensive, mapped cave system.

Bill’s Description:

Downstream is very nice especially for intro to Cave – siphon side. I used it for my drills due to it being shallow and no decompression obligations. Upstream is high flow. When the system is good, the visibility is unlimited. It has clay banks that are very interesting to see. Has nice side tunnels.

SpringPhoto - Cow (Medium)