Skin Diver

skindiverFor those still too young to SCUBA dive and adventurous people who have chosen not to SCUBA dive the Skin Diver Snorkeling course helps you get your fins wet. While snorkeling is limited to peering down from the surface skin divers generally like to go a bit further than snorkelers, making frequent surface dives to interact with aquatic life. This can be the best way to encourage your future dive buddy. The program is taught by qualified skin diving Instructors.

  • Skin Diver Group class $89 per student

    • 5-8 students in the class
    • Techniques for wearing and adjusting equipment
    • Entering and exiting the water safely
    • Managing buoyancy
    • Surface swimming
    • Clearing water from your snorkel
    • Executing competent surface dives
    • Supervised Skin Dives are conducted at the Blue Heron Bridge