Staff Instructor: Joshua Norris


Instructs Public Safety Divers, Recreational Open Water Divers thru Open Water Instructor Candidates, Intro to Tech- Adv. Nitrox

SDI Instructor Trainer
TDI Instructor
ERDI Instructor

Location of courses:
Raleigh, North Carolina area (Clayton).

Joshua Norris co-founded Air Hogs SCUBA with Dr. Thomas Powell, Jr. in 2011. Under Norris’ guidance, the company pioneered a series of unorthodox, yet successful practices, including promoting work with Veterans and intentionally keeping classes as small as possible.

Joshua is originally from Concord, North Carolina. Smart but directionless, Norris joined the Marine Corps at the age of seventeen. In 2009, Norris left the Marines and became a dive bum in Key Largo for a period of time before becoming a Private Contractor serving with the Marines again in Afghanistan. Air Hogs SCUBA was up and running by the time Norris returned in 2011. Thomas and Josh have been actively operating Air Hogs ever since.

In August 2016, Joshua made the decision to partner with Christy Campbell and Peter Friedman in a combined effort to breathe new life into Cave Excursions. The goal is to help rebuild Cave Excursions into a well-used dive facility by enhancing the already existing operation and adding a suite of new offerings in near future.