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From our bulletin board:

5.2.16  ~ From Mike Stine of North Florida Springs Alliance:  “I heard from park management that Madison Blue Springs is open for diving.  The water coming out is still greenish, but you can see to the bottom of the spring basin.  No one has yet been in the cave, so we have no reports of conditions anywhere inside.  Come to Eco-day, and you will be able to get a dive in after lunch. “

 Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park will open Saturday, April 30, 2016.  The duckweed on Orange Grove is thicker than normal, so please be aware of that.  Also, due to the caves just coming out of a flood, visibility will be approximately 20 foot and the system will be “fuzzy” with silt.  Please use caution when diving these right after a flood.  

**You can now direct order “The Legends Of Diving” book from Blurb.  Visit Blurb.com and search for The Legends of Diving.   The book is $10.00 plus shipping.

***Little River Closing Per Al Clements on CDF –

I just spoke to Parks and Recreation and LR will be closing today, Monday December 14, 2015.
With all the posting on the way everyone was suggesting the locking system we came up with a simple plan.
The contractor will leave the gate open when he starts in the morning. There will be no need to lock the gate behind you if you leave while the construction is still going on. If when you have completed your dive the contractor has left, then the gate must be locked by you before you leave the park.
The rules still apply for no diving at night from the park entrance.
The local dive shops, Amigo’s, Cave Country, Dive Outpost, Cave Excursion, and Extreme Exposure, will all have the combination lock number for those who will be diving if the contractor is not working.
WARNING::::::::::::::: The lock Bracket weighs 40 lbs. If you do not hold it while unlocking you can be injured. Make sure that if you have to unlock it that you have someone hat can handle the locking system.
The gate must be locked at dusk and no diving after dusk.
They have been most cooperative to allow us to be able to dive during this time. Please follow these simple instructions so others will be able to enjoy Little River during the time it will be closed.
The only question should be the number of the combination lock and the dive shops will give that to you.
1. Lock the gate behind you if the contractor is not there.
2. No diving at night.
3. Must be Full Cave Certified
4. Instructors will be allowed to have a class during the construction.

**Just to reiterate – you MUST be FULL CAVE CERTIFIED to get the combination from any shop






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